The production line (installation) for gravel and manufactured sand Die Fertigungslinie (Installation) für Kies und Brechsand La línea de producción (instalación) de grava y arena manufacturada خط انتاج (تركيب) للرمل وحصى المصنعة Linia de producţie (de instalare) pentru nisip şi pietriş prelucrat

In industry, non-metallic building materials (HCM) is the largest amount of production of crushed stone and manufactured sand, mostly from the rock of igneous rocks. It is these species provide increased strength and durability of roads and concrete products.

The production line (installation) for gravel and manufactured sand The production line (installation) for gravel and manufactured sand is intended for the production of sand and gravel. Compared with traditional equipment for the production of this line of sand saves energy by 50%. The production line (installation) for gravel and manufactured sand can be used to handle rocks, sand, gravel and detailed. With this production line, we get a cube-shaped gravel quality of group I according to GOST 8267-93, which are highly durable and suitable for use as a non-metallic building materials. This production line has advantages such as reliable operation, the rational design, easy operation and high efficiency.

The main equipment in a production line for gravel and manufactured sand

This product line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft VSI, vibrating screen, Grit washers, conveyor belt, an electronic control box, and so on. In the industrial setting VSI impact crusher is often used in the final stages of crushing.

The process rabotyproizvodstvennoy line for artificial sand, gravel and

First, vibrating feeder with a uniform speed transports raw materials to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. Then the crushed pieces popodayut in the rotor or Cone crusher for fine crushing. After this, small pieces of classified vibrating screen. Conditioning Sands drove to Grit washers to clean the dust and other mixtures, and then stannovyatsya prepared foods. But back to sub-standard sand back in the drum crusher for re-crushing. The size of the final product can be adjusted for the needs of our clients.