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Advances crusher machine

Crusher machine is necessary equipment in the mining machine, stone crusher, jaw crusher machine, mobile crushing plant, impact crusher machine, compound machine crusher, hammer crusher one level, machine gyratory crusher, Cone crusher machine, roll crusher stone, double roll crusher, roll crusher, ball mill, Raymond mill, sand making machine, sand washing machine, high pressure hanging roller mill and the like.vsi 5x sand making machine

Crusher machine using

Stone crusher for crushing of hard and very hard soft or medium, plastics, widely used in various pieces of steel, cement, refractories, aluminum where clinker soil, emery, glass raw materials, developing mechanisms for sand, stone and various metallurgicalslag, in particular, silicon carbide, karborundum, sintered bauxite, high mass hard, extra hard and outcomes higher than the production of corrosion resistant materials than other types of crushers.

In engineering, the mechanism of sand, pillow material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregates an ideal production equipment.

In the mining industry, widely used in the milling process before, can produce large amounts of iron ore fines to reduce the high cost of grinding load.

Impact crusher machine low wear characteristics are excellent, a device used for high abrasion resistance and disintegration of production of secondary crushing. In addition, the product of zero pollution, impact crusher machine well adapted to a variety of production capacity in the production of quartz sand in the glass and high purity materials, 10-500′C / h impact crusher to meet almost any production requirements.

Crusher machine working principle

Crusher machine main frame structure, eccentric shafts, pulleys, flywheel, moving jaw, side guard plate, toggle plate, back seat of the bracket, adjust the screw gap, reset spring, fixed jaw plate and the activities of the jaw and other components, which bracket also play a role in insurance. Machine jaw crusher broken song moving extrusion type, motor-driven belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft so that the motion to move the jaw up and down when moving jaw moves increase the plates shift and E the angle between the larger, up to promote the move to E at the moment pressed the same material, rubbing, grinding, and the board was damaged a few close to the fixed jaw; when moving jaw angle between the plates move downstream and moving jaw, jaw plate move to leave the spring jaw lever action material, fixed broken out through the mouth area destroyed, continuous rotation of the motor vehicle was damaged and the nest destroyed periodically Hubei, and mass production.

Ore from the crusher machine weft to enter market niches, and sliding down along the screening, screening of ore in the process of high-speed fall Jibei rotating rotor carbide hammer shattered, and with high speed along the direction of the first flight back thetangential dish until further ore mineral is broken again tin plate and then turn back rest thrown back collide with another rotor, so that in the space first crushing, ore is crushed by repeated shocks. Some ore broken in the first crushing chamber to a certain size, after the gap between the back plate and rotor line item will continue to be repeated a second crushing blow, until the change in particle size after row of ore from the bottom of the crusher discharge port.