quartz sand crushing processing Quarzsand Brech-Verarbeitungarena de cuarzo aplastamiento procesamientoالرمل الكوارتز سحق تجهيزnisip de cuarţ de strivire de prelucrare a

Occurrences Quartz Sand

This is a rare occurrence because in most environments tend to be altered to quartz sand other substances, such as clay minerals. They can also be found in metamorphic rocks are formed from precursor rocks containing quartz sand and / or chemical elements necessary for their formation. In addition, Quartz Sand occurs in veins and pegmatites, where they seem to be recorded by the fluid, and in sediments and soils, where they may be stored by the soil water solution. Some typical occurrence for individual species are given in the table. Morocco, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, North Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, England, Argentina, Bolivia , Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, United States (U.S.), Australia, Iran, Kuwai, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), etc.

The Crushing of quartz sand

Quartz sand and the process of destroying the process is mainly divided into the following aspects:

Crushing Process

① process is broken. A faulty process is generally used to provide the right of the mill feed, is often a self-system with the plant. The process is simple, less equipment, plants and small footprint.

② two-destroying process. Mostly small-scale plant using the process.

③ three parts broken process. Form the basis of an open process and the three parts of the three parts of the two closed.

④ working with a broken washing process. When the feed slurry (-3mm) more than 5% to 10% and moisture content of greater than 5% to 8%, should increase the crackdown Quartz Sand washing process.

Grinding and Classification Process Procedures

In terms of dress, use a grinder or two could put the economy grinding to a mineral Quartz Sand for any size needed. Two or more grinding, usually chosen by the other requirements of the decision stage.

Period and compared with the two processes, the process of grinding the main advantages are: less equipment, low investment, simple operation, do not stop because the milling segment to another segment of the work of grinding, less downtime losses. But the factory to a variety of quartz sand of particle size, hard ball makes sense, it is not easy to obtain the final product of smaller, low grinding efficiency.

When asked the maximum particle size of the final product of 0.2 ~ 0.15mm (or 60% to 79% -200 mesh), generally using the milling process. Small factories, to simplify the process and device configuration, when the fineness of grinding required 80% -200 mesh, we also use the milling process. Two tremendous advantages of grinding can be a smaller product, in different parts of rough grinding and fine grinding, especially for the stage.

In large factories and medium enterprises, which required grinding fineness of less than 0.15mm (ie 80% -200 mesh), using two grinding is more economical, and the composition of a uniform particle size, less than devastating. Under the first paragraph of the plant is connected to the classification of different ways, two grinding process can be divided into three types: the first open; the second paragraph of the entire house; local home first, and the second is always a closed circuit grinding work process.

Grinding process

Because the milling process is classified into dry and wet. Use more wet concentrator. Since the factory in order to solve the difficult problem of particle attrition milling to increase efficiency, add a small amount of a ball mill, then known as half of the plant.

Since the constant grinding and crushing, grinding, milling Quartz Sand destroy equipment, work together, based on their relationship consisted of a variety of ways to process.